Silver Bullets

Sophie Tarrant

Untitled (Mould Project)

Variable dimensions
Felted wool roving

Eats Away

Nylon/lycra swimsuit, felted wool roving

Sophie Tarrant | she/her | Kelowna, BC

Sophie Tarrant was born in Kelowna, BC in the year 2000. Having moved to Vancouver Island in 2003, Sophie is now getting her bachelors degree in Fine Arts, at the University of Victoria. Her works are sculptural, textile based pieces. Her work challenges the initial common perceptions of humanity. She exposes aspects of the unnoticed, shamed, and habitual parts of being a human. Her visual aids act as representations of the beauty within the monotonous aspects of being human.  Tarrant’s previous works have been shown in the Dust of Dissonance show in the UVic Audain gallery. Her work will be featured in the Uvic BFA 2024 exhibition.