Silver Bullets

Gwen Shek

To Guide Me by the Falling Stars...

Acrylic on canvas

A Piece of Myself

Bronze and various square-shaped wire

Gwen Shek | she/her | San Diego, USA

Gwendolyn Shek was born and raised in San Diego California, USA before moving to Victoria BC, Canada to pursue her interest and passion in the visual arts. As a child, he was quiet and reserved, taking an interest in the natural world with no interest but the desire to create. They grew up surrounded by the strong influence of her mother, who is a painter and photographer, and soon enough began to paint out of interest and eventually as a passion. Like their mother, he started out with watercolor before taking up acrylic, painting as many objects as they could see. As much as painting became a crucial factor in their specialty, wire-working or jewelry-making became just as important. However, with her wire-working/jewelry making unlike his painting, it was self-taught, briefly guided by a family relative, and sharpened over the years. The interest developed from their deep interest in rocks and minerals, especially gemstones.  

It was not till the end of high school and the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when her skills began to take bud and develop into a deep passion for making all forms of jewelry. By then, he graduated and moved to Victoria BC where they continue to create and paint pieces.