Silver Bullets

Brian Kim



Like a Kid in a Candy Store


Head Mount


Brian Kim 김건희 | he/him | South Korea

Born in South Korea, Brian Kim’s work explores identity, diaspora, and the dynamic interplay between technology and tradition. Focused on multimedia, primarily photography and video, Kim adeptly bridges the tactile authenticity of analogue methods with the expansive realm of digital techniques. This fusion between mediums echoes his central themes of change, transformation, and cultural evolution. Drawing inspiration from his cultural heritage and the broader societal canvas, Kim delves deep into narratives of cultural identity. Yet, his intention isn’t to instruct or oppose but rather to craft a contemplative space. Kim tells a story with his work, sometimes intimately personal, and at other times, a broader reflection on the world around him. Through his lens, viewers are invited to challenge and resonate with the converging worlds of past, present, and future. In his artistic process, Kim embraces AI and digital technologies, viewing them as contemporary mediums that continue the tradition of artistic evolution. His work is a testament to the adaptive spirit of artists throughout history, reflecting on how each new technology, from photography to the internet, has been integrated into the artistic ensemble. Kim’s creations are a dialogue between the past and the present, exploring the intersections of technology, tradition, and personal history.