Silver Bullets

Boyu Xu

All the way North


Boyu Xu 徐博宇 | they/them | Tianjin, China

Boyu Xu(They/Them) was born and raised in Tianjin China, a satellite city next to Beijing. The artist moved to Canada in 2020 and currently resides in Victoria, BC, completing their last year studying in the major of Visual Arts in the Bachelor of Fine Arts department at the University of Victoria. Throughout the 4 years of study, the artist exhibited most of their satisfied work in the last two years, especially the Two Minutes Older solo exhibition, the work “Sorry” in the group exhibition, and “All the Way North” in late 2022 and 2023. Growing up in China and moving to Canada recently, a lot of the artist’s work talked about displacement and the idea of home. In terms of medium, the artist focused on multidisciplinary media while mainly working with projection installation, video art, animation, and photography.