Silver Bullets

Kirsty Tait

in loving memory

24″x18″ each
Digital illustration prints

untitled room series

12″x9″ each
Digital illustration prints

now i rest with the warmth of the stars on my face,
forgetting the sunrise of tomorrow,
the intimacy of suffering again.

Kirsty Tait | she/her | Vancouver, BC

Kirsty Tait (she/her) is an artist from Vancouver, BC currently living and working In Victoria, BC as a visitor on the unceded territories of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and WSÁNEĆ peoples. Her work reflects on the tensions between memory, relationships, and feelings. Using digital art and photography, Kirsty explores the ways in which experience and memory relate to emotions and interpersonal and internal relationships. Recalling moments of loss, grief, and love, her work acts as a self-reflection on the ways in which she experiences feelings and the impact those hold on her relationship to herself and those around her. Her interest in colour, text, and object work together to create a body of work that gives the viewer a glance into her deeper thoughts and feelings.