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Dylan Seibold


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Dylan Seibold | he/him | Nanaimo, BC

Dylan Seibold’s media experiments are driven by an appreciation for the intuitive process, nature, humanity, and domestic labor. Automatic drawings, digital experiments and sculptures inform each other as reflections of this process. Dylan is guided by his perception of the natural environment and the human presence upon it including his own. Motifs of mushrooms, animals, farms and mountains with tumultuous streams and strips of highway emerge from the abstract line work that he employs. The multimedia work, and surreal drawings question perceived reality by accepting and exploring ambiguity as a common experience. Audiences are asked to bring their own meaning to the works, or to just enjoy some stimulation from another vantage point. 

Dylan’s influences include his German heritage and an upbringing on small scale farms in various locales around southwestern Canada. He currently resides in Victoria, BC, dividing his time between caring for his family and pursuing a creative livelihood.