Chair Gallery

Connor O Toole


Dimensions unspecified
Acrylic on canvas

Connor O'Toole | he/him | Berkeley, USA

Connor O’Toole is an multidisciplinary artist based out of Victoria, British Columbia. Born in Berkeley, California he has lived his whole life along the west coast. Connors work is spread between painting, sculpture, pottery, drawing, and photography, never dwelling long in one place. Having entered the Arts program at UVic in pursuit of teaching at a highschool level, he strives to have a solid foundation in a large variety of subjects.

Currently his work is taking the form of sculpture and leatherwork as he learns the art of hide tanning alongside a number of peers. With a focus on family, memory, and the land he has been raised upon he hopes to create pieces that will reflect his ancestors and his life on the island. In his spare time he teaches art and pottery skills to youth at a local community center.