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Corinna Darcie

Eat My Shorts

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Corinna Darcie | she/her | Victoria, BC

Corinna Darcie is an artist graduating from the University of Victoria with a visual arts major and minor in business. Her work is heavily influenced by twentieth century surrealism with a focus on detail and the unconventional. Her intricate works portray motifs of human and animal dynamics, the allure of food, and the intricacies of mental states such as anxiety or fear. 

Darcie’s practice became heavily dependent on the digital medium as traditional mediums, such as the ink drawings she was previously known for, became less accessible after a spinal fusion surgery in 2020. 

Her work features bold, striking pieces focusing on detail, expression, and surrealism, representative of her own thoughts and experiences. As someone who has grappled with ADHD from a young age, Darcie has learned to embrace the whirlwind of thoughts and channel them into fuel for originality within her creations. Despite struggling with focus and completing tasks, art has been able to captivate her attention differently. Her work relieves her temporarily from constant noise and distraction around her as the nature of her work allows for her inner perfectionist to take over.