Facing Gallery

Alex Cornford

Suburban Abomination

Inkjet prints
10″x15″ each

Alex Cornford | he/him | Calgary, AB

Alexander Cornford (He/Him) is an artist from Calgary Alberta working on Vancouver Island. Alex’s primary media is graphite drawing but his work also incorporates text, writing and the book as an object and vessel for knowledge. Alex has been featured in multiple exhibitions including 00:01 at the Audain Gallery and a solo show at the Facing gallery. His work explores the intersection of myth, story, history and religion: how do these concepts exist in the present compared to the past? How do we interact with them differently with respect to their temporality? Alex engages with the personal and volatile nature of these concepts through individual interpretation. There are no right answers, only more stories and perspectives. In this way Alex leaves space for all perspectives and cultures, resulting in richer story and conceptual art.