Silver Bullets

Addison Mercer

In Dialogue

24″x8″ each
Stain and acrylic paint on burned wood panel

We Smite the Lazy Worker

Acrylic paint on plywood

Constructivist Cat

Stain and acrylic paint on burned wood panel

Addison Mercer | they/them | Trail, BC

Addison Mercer (they/them) is a communist woodworking artist born in Trail, BC. Their work explores abstract constructivist-influenced panels and political propaganda created through wood burning and painting. At the heart of their practice is a passion for revolutionary history and the visual expression of ideas, drawing inspiration from the Russian Avant-Garde which emerged in the lead up to the October revolution; It embodied the fusion of art and ideology, capturing the essence of an epoch marked by radical political transformation. Addison seeks to connect the style and ideas of the past movements to the present day, which sees similar struggles in fighting for workers’ rights and the liberation of oppressed peoples across the world. Addison is a member of the Working Class Creatives database and has showcased their art in the Archive gallery in Victoria, BC.