Facing Gallery

Victoria Anderson

whoop whoop 1

15″ diameter
Mirror fabric and wood sculpture

whoop whoop 2

Textile and wood sculpture

Victoria Anderson | she/her | Victoria, BC

Victoria Anderson is a Victoria based BC artist with a foundation in fine and contemporary arts and self-taught proficiency in both graphic arts and character design, she brings a diverse skill set to her work. Her creative process follows a “wouldn’t it be cool if” mantra which helps guide her away from popular and rising artistic trends, resulting in spontaneous pieces which don’t follow a predictable aesthetic or style. She often finds herself asking the question of what it really means to create art. Her work doesn’t always fit into boxes or always come with clear explanations. Instead of trying to define every creation, she embraces the ambiguity, this openness to uncertainty adds character to her work, making it a thought-provoking experience for those who engage with it. In a world which usually values clear meanings in art, Victoria-Rae Anderson stands out as someone who pushes against the norms put in front of her, inviting art enthusiasts to embrace the unconventional.