Silver Bullets

Emma Csordas

Calm Before the Storm

Acrylic on canvas

Emma Csordas | she/her | Paris, ON

Born in Paris, Ontario, Emma Csordas moved to Victoria, British Columbia to refine her focus on painting. Her Artwork blossoms and shines through a scientific lens, painting and exploring the beautiful movement of the West Coast’s unseen aquatic world with the main focus being kelp. Her work is both symbolic and sustainable, exemplifying kelp’s importance in its role in fighting global warming. Which was the inspiration for the Calm Before the Storm, a painting that started Emma’s underwater exploration.

Growing up in a science-oriented household, she was exposed to many ecosystems. Finding herself confronted with new environments that made her more aware of particular ecosystems’ struggles to survive. This continues to reflect on her own family and how they are her ecosystem of support. Emma’s studio practice, delves into the science behind ecology and the vast unexplored contents of the ocean. This work draws attention to the submerged sublime; making connections to sustainably foster relationships with the world we live in.