Facing Gallery

Annette Watkins Garcia

Window View

Acrylic on canvas

Anette Watkins Garcia | she/her | Veracruz, Mexico

Anette Watkins Garcia is falling down the stairs in Victoria, BC. She was born somewhere in Veracruz, Mexico and grew up in the Comox Valley, BC. Working primarily with painting, drawing, and video, she creates work that focuses on representing fleeting moments that can never be repeated. A brush stroke and a line drawn are an action, a moment in time, that she cannot recreate no matter how hard she tries to replicate it. The ephemeral nature of life is something that haunts her, yet she finds herself drawn to the concept like a moth to a flame; an action will never be replicated even if the motion is the same, the sun never sets in an identical way, she is never the same person twice. Yet, experiences can be universal and replicated in ways that aren’t identical, people can be stuck in cycles of their own doing, sometimes people break up. She is losing her mind. Anette’s favorite food is steamed soybeans.